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insect wasp control portsmouth

Our quick-response vehicles are fully equipped to tackle any pest problem, around the clock, 7 days a week. All our vehicles are unmarked.

Destroying wasp nests can be a difficult and dangerous job...even for the professionals. In a cavity wall or high in a tree, Contract Killers Ltd has the most up to date equipment to deal with the problem fast and safely.

Fleas can be a real problem both in domestic and commercial properties. We use what we regard to be the best and safest insecticides available to the pest control industry. Treated areas can be safely re-occupied just one hour after the treatment has been carried out, causing minimum disruption to the client, their household or business.

Contract Killers Ltd carry out free, no obligation surveys to properties or areas that require protection or treatment against pest activity. Our friendly experts are also available to help with any pest control issues that you may have, offering helpful advice in person, by email or over the telephone.

The garden ant is one of the many insect pests that Contract Killers Ltd treat during the warmer months. Insecticidal sprays and bait stations can be used in both indoor and outdoor situations. Both methods are harmless to plants, pets and children.

Flies pose a real health risk within any kitchen or food area. Contract Killers Ltd can supply Electronic Fly Killing machines, fly-screen doors and windows as well as carrying out Insecticidal treatments against fly activity.

As well as Insecticidal spray treatments, Contract Killers Ltd use a number of other control methods against insect pests. These include insect baits and insect monitoring traps with pheromone lures. These methods prove particularly useful for the control of cockroaches and other crawling insects within food premises, residential homes, schools and hospitals.