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When controlling larger species in rural areas, we have specialised tools at our disposal. These include high-powered firearms, enabling us to dispatch our quarry at ranges of up to a ¼ of a kilometre away. In addition to this, some of our marksmen's rifles also have state of the art night-vision scopes fitted to them. This enables them to dispatch their quarry even in total darkness!

If firearms are to be used, the ammunition used within them will be ballistic-tipped, expanding projectiles. These are specialised bullets that travel in excess of 3500 feet per second and help to ensure a clean and rapid kill.

If it is decided that the most effective method of control for a specific pest is to carryout a controlled shoot, Contract killers Ltd has at its disposal a host of suitable weapons ranging from single shot air pistols to 12 gauge magnum shotguns. These weapons are used following the completion of a thorough, on-site risk assessment and undertaken by trained and experienced marksmen. Most shoots are carried out using moderated (silenced) high-powered rifles. This can prove very effective in sensitive areas such as cemeteries and parks.

Some situations require the live-trapping of an animal, for example if the target species is someone's pet. Contract killers Ltd also have the facilities to carryout this work, causing minimum stress and no physical harm to the captured animal.

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For the control of large animals including live trapping and firearms in and around hampshire and west sussex including: petersfield, alton, fareham, gosport, chichester, cosham, farlington, waterlooville, horndean, wickham, east meon, west Meon, emsworth, havant, cowplain etc.

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